BICSI RCDD Certification

BICSI RDD CertificationSean Nolan, the founder and operations director of Streamline Telecom, is certified as a Registered Communications Distribution Designer by the Building Industry Consulting Service International.  That means that all work performed by Streamline Telecom will be overseen by someone with the highest level of training available to a structured cabling contractor.  Below are some reasons why facility owners, architects, and end users often request or even require that someone with a BICSI RCDD certification be on the payroll of any contractor hired for structured cabling work.


Every RCDD has successfully completed and passed an extensive exam on the fundamentals of telecommunications distribution design. All RCDDs have a minimum of five years of distribution design experience.

Continuing Education

BICSI-credentialed ITS professionals must keep their knowledge current to maintain their BICSI RCDD certification. RCDDs are required to renew their credential every three years by earning 45 hours of continuing education and attending at least one BICSI conference. There they share knowledge and experiences with their industry peers and learn about industry updates. Continuing education can also be obtained by attending BICSI or industry-related courses that focus on the latest techniques in telecommunications cabling design.


RCDDs are now tested on the importance of local and international codes and best practices. By gaining knowledge of standards, codes and proper design practices, RCDDs have developed the ability to comprehend the entire scope of a project.


RCDDs study safety procedures and practices including personal protective equipment, hazardous environments and electrical earthing (grounding and bonding). This level of training far exceeds what is presented in many local and regional codes.

Vendor Neutrality

RCDDs have been tested in the proper design of vendor-neutral cabling systems and are not limited by specific product criteria. BICSI credentialing encourages innovation, use of advanced industry techniques and big picture thinking.

Preparation for the Future

The required continuing education and access to the latest industry information provides RCDDs with accurate knowledge about emerging technologies. This ensures you will receive the best in long-term cabling solutions for your organization.