Case Study

Age Group LTD

The following case study helps illustrate how we helped a client save time and money on a structured cabling project.


Established in 1985, Age Group began as an intimate apparel business and over the years the company has expanded into new categories of consumer products, including swim wear, slippers, pet accessories, and more.  Today, Age Group is proud to represent brands and licenses through their retail and e-commerce partners worldwide.  

With a network of factories in 10 countries and distribution centers in the United States and Europe, they are a global apparel and accessories company that maintains an efficient and creative style to business.  Their office in the city is located on Park Avenue in Manhattan. 

The Problem

Age Group LTD was opening an office in the city and needed data and phone cabling installed in the new location.  They had asked a contractor for a quote, but he was taking a long time to get back to them.  The Christmas holiday was rapidly approaching and the general contractor was getting ready to finish the project, so they needed to find a structured cabling contractor who could finish the job quickly.

The Solution

Age Group LTD met with Streamline Telecom Operations Director Sean Nolan to discuss their needs.  Within 24 hours, Sean not only gave them a quote for installing over 300 data and phone cables, he also provided an estimate for installing card access readers on seven doors and setting up three TVs in their conference rooms and pantry (services the original contractor didn’t even provide). 

Sean also recommending testing the old cabling that was at the location to make sure it was working before closing up the space.   Age Group LTD accepted Sean’s recommendations and hired Streamline Telecom for the job. 


Within four days of being hired for the project, Streamline Telecom had completed the initial cable installation.  Thanks to the testing we did, several old cables that were no longer working were identified and replaced.  We also completed installation of the TVs and set up the card access control system so that employees could use the same cards to access both the main building and the Age Group office.   At the end of the project, the office manager decided to also have us set up 7 additional TVs to use as digital signage in the display rooms.  Age Group LTD was very pleased with our work on every aspect of the project.

One year after the initial project was completed, a power surge caused a failure of the card access system for the office.  Although we had installed a mechanical backup for use in emergencies, the office manager had lost his keys, and no employees could access the office.  Luckily, Streamline Telecom had saved a spare key for just such an occurrence, and within hours of getting a call from the office manager Sean Nolan arrived to unlock the doors and give the employees access to the office. 

This story exemplifies how we go above and beyond what is expected in order to serve our clients.