Checkpoint Mobile Guard Shack System

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guard shackStreamline Telecom is proud to offer the CheckPoint mobile guard shack system, a “purpose-built” platform that combines a guard shack, gate control, video surveillance and lighting technologies. This mobile system offers a weatherproof, climate-controlled, spacious security shack along with the unique ability to control ingress and egress to a remote facility.

Adding video surveillance and lighting capabilities makes this a multi-purpose platform for many different applications. Ideal for construction, utilities, oil and gas and any other temporary work or storage areas requiring additional security.

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Key Features

Hybrid Power Systems

  • Self-sustaining, self-charging
  • Embedded diesel generator – runs only when needed
  • Solar
  • Shore power

Automated Gate Control Arms

  • Color coded LED status lights
  • Dual, independently controlled entrance and
    exit gate system
  • On-board gate arm storage when transporting
  • 2 vehicle sensors and 1 automatic exit sensor
  • Interior gate control

Fast Setup & Simple Operation

  • Pre-wired mast
  • Quick-release camera mounting
  • Interior camera storage rack
  • Tool-less deployment

Sturdy and Reliable

  • Built for a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Offers an insulated enclosure with both heating and
    air conditioning.

Comfortable Work Environment

  • The spacious, well-lit shack includes built-in work areas with large multi-drawer storage, electrical outlets, monitor and master control
  • Offers 360° vantage point of site
  • Interior gate control


  • Deployed: 330” x 100” x 240” (L x W x H) (includes mast fully extended and tongue length of 53” and rear gate control arm extended at 100”)
  • Travel: 250” x 100” x 120”
  • Gross weight: 6,300 lbs.
  • 2 5/16 ball/adjustable pintle hitch
  • Dual 3500 lb. torsion axles, electric brakes
  • 7 pin wire towing harness for lighting and brakes
  • 4 outriggers with jacks
  • Rack enclosure with latching, lockable door, 2 pressurized struts
  • Ventilated battery storage compartment
  • D.O.T. compliant external safety lighting
  • Interior (rack enclosure) LED lighting (auto on/off)
  • 1 high current outlet on front bench/desk
  • Multiple USB charging ports – GPS tracking
Guard shack trailer

Mast with Cabling Specifications

  • Guard shack mast20 ft. telescoping, 4 sections
  • Electric winch for raising and lowering of mast
  • Mast stabilization system
  • Cable management system
  • Mid-mast junction box – for additional accessories
  • Top mast LED strobe light assembly; viewable 360°
  • Top mast LED flood lights; 2 – 42” light bars with 33,000 lumens

Guard Shack Specifications

  • Guard ShackDimensions: Exterior 90” X 72” X 90” (L x W x H)
  • Interior 82” X 64” X 88” (L x W x H)
  • Extra heavy duty tempered safety glass windows (4 – sides)
  • 2 sliding lockable doors with widows
  • 2 non-slip removable steps
  • Interior and exterior recessed (in soffits) lighting
  • 2 built-in shelves or work areas at front and back
  • HVAC system – split air conditioning/heating system, Fujitsu Halcyon – 9000 BTU, ductless unit
  • Interior storage chest – 32”(H) x 27”(W) x 18”(D), 5 drawers
  • Camera storage – 4 camera storage rack
  • Master control panel
  • Mast, trailer and shack lighting control
  • Generator control
  • AC and system status digital display
  • USB charging (also on shack outlets)

Other Specifications

Barrier Gates (Site Entrance & Exit)

  •  2 – 12 ft. removable barrier arms with colored LED notification status
  • Exit arm and controller extend up to 100” from back of trailer
  • On-board arm storage
  • 3 photo-eye vehicle drive-up detector sensors
  • Wireless remote control for dual barrier arm gate control operation

MPS Remote Status Monitoring

System status and alarm reporting with remote

Control capabilities through MPStatus & Control

  • guard shackTemperature monitoring
  • Fuel level
  • Door open status
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery currents
  • GPS
  • Generator status
  • Remote gate status and runtime gate control


  • Embedded 8000 watt diesel generator with 40 gallon fuel tank
  • Shore Power––External 220 VAC power connection port
  • Battery Power––800 Ah AGM battery package @ 12VDC
  • Tri-State battery charging system
  • Solar Power––900 watt solar package

Rack Mount Enclosure

  • Interior environmentally controlled cabinet
  • Capacity: 6U
  • Size: 19” standard rack mount 17”D X 13.5” H
  • LED lighting (auto on/off)
  • 40 AMP 24VDC charging system
  • 300 watt pure sine wave Inverter
  • Electronic equipment rack alarming outputs: Door open, Low fuel, Generator running, Generator failure