These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our services, along with some questions that people should be asking us (or any other structured data cabling contractor they are considering working with).  Click on a question to see our answer.

What is the difference between an ICT contractor and an ICT integrator?

How do your prices compare with other ICT contractors?

What's the difference between a $40/hr contractor and an $80/contractor?

How much noise/disruption/holes in the wall will there be during the project?

What time of day will the work be done?

If I need to make changes in the middle of a project, what is the process for that, and will it affect the price?

My IT guy is telling me the cables you installed aren't working.  What's the problem?

Do you have the necessary licenses to work on security and access control systems?

How long will it take you to return my calls or emails?

Are all your employees fluent in English?

Will a BICSI-certified RDD be involved in the project?

Will you give me suggestions about how I can save time and/or money and improve efficiency, or will you just do whatever I tell you to do, even though it might cost me more?

What areas should be protected by security cameras?

Why do I need a service contract?