Galaxy LogoGalaxy Control Systems is a global leader in the access control industry. Galaxy is a product of Digital Systems Corporation, an award-winning defense contractor established in 1974 that developed a surveillance and tracking system for the U.S. military. The intensive research and development conducted in the Digital Systems Corporation produced many technological discoveries and breakthroughs, including one of the security industry’s first intelligent access control panels

The same results-driven culture that made Digital Systems a success is mirrored at Galaxy Control Systems today. All Galaxy access control products are designed for maximum flexibility and unsurpassed quality, and the same standards are held for the people behind Galaxy as well.

Top Galaxy Products & Product Lines

System Galaxy

Galaxy offers a complete, all-in-one solution for access control and security management. System Galaxy is an enterprise-class solution that is easy to operate and can satisfy the requirements of any credential management, access control, or security situation.

Galaxy Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

System Galaxy provides a wide range of security features to assist in monitoring, surveillance, intrusion detection, and reporting functionality. System Galaxy users can monitor and evaluate situations using informative, color-coded messages and prioritized alarm events. Operators can also respond quickly to alarms and events with an automated email notification feature, which sends selected events or alarms to the appropriate personnel.

System Galaxy also allows for door and elevator control with simple, easy-to-use functionality. The Door Commander feature allows for the control of a single door or groups of doors with the click of a mouse. Operators can also interactively override a lock or unlock schedule, disable, and pulse doors from context menus. Elevators can be controlled by calling cars or authorizing access to selected floors, based on access privileges.

Other Key Features

Alarm point / Input Commander

  • Operators have point-and-click control of alarm partitions
  • Arm and disarm partitions, acknowledge and shunt incoming messages, and more


  • Display the location and real-time status of all doors and alarm points in your facility on a floor diagram
  • Intuitive icons dynamically change states to reflect the condition of the devices they represent
  • Operators can command doors and devices directly from the icons with point-and-click ease

Device Status

  • Quickly determine the state of a device or door with dynamic test and graphic indicators
  • Command doors and devices through interactive command menus

Intrusion Detection

  • Monitor user-defined alarm points for security notification purposes


  • Track guard tour points by sequence, start/stop time, or by timed intervals.

Who’s In

  • This feature provides a real-time log of the cardholders in your facility or in a designated area
  • Provides a roll call report that is easily printed or viewed, helping you determine the status of persons

Photo Verification

  • Automatically call up a stored photo of the person presenting credentials for direct comparison by the security operator

Integrated Live Video

  • Automatically call up Live Video based on valid access or alarm events
  • Cameras can be controlled by the operator
  • Galaxy’s Video Viewer supports manual retrieval of both live and historical video
  • Feature integrates with many leading third-party DVR solutions

Galaxy Access Management

Selectively use the features you need from System Galaxy’s complete selection of access-control features and tailor them to suit any combination of simple or complex security solutions. All access-control features perform seamlessly inside System Galaxy’s easy-to-use software environment.

Import / Export

  • Simplify the task of importing people and cards into the Galaxy database
  • Import and export data to and from personnel systems including SAP, PeopleSoft, and Man Power


  • Extensive user-intuitive options for enrolling and managing cardholders and their credentials
  • Enroll multiple cards and biometric credentials for each cardholder
  • Independently control card behaviors and access privileges
  • Easily add the photographs, badges, and data that pertain to each cardholder and their role with your organization


  • Click-and-drag interface with color-coded time intervals makes it easy and convenient to create a time schedule
  • Special days and holidays can be assigned to any schedule and they can be uniquely configured with their own active/inactive times

Access Rules

  • Create simple or complex access rules and apply to doors or personnel in a grouped or individual manner

Personal Doors

  • This feature allows people to be independently assigned to a door when a unique set of privileges is needed
  • Use in combination with access groups and profiles to quickly add doors to an existing cardholder, or use the feature by itself to provide the simplest access privilege
  • Feature includes a convenient filtering utility that lets the operator quickly locate the right door no matter how large the facility

Time and Attendance

  • Track personnel time and attendance for any size organization


  • Track and analyze personnel and operator activity with Galaxy’s extensive selection of reports
  • Includes alarm, door and card activity, who’s-in/roll-call, auditing, and many more
  • Powerful utilities allow the administrator to query data selectively, configure and save unique report filters for future use
  • All reports can be quickly generated for fast online viewing and printing

System Operator Privileges

  • Galaxy offers a rich set of filters and privileges that can be assigned in any combination
  • Easily control which screens and features each operator can see or use on an individual basis to create unique boundaries for operators who serve different roles and ranks; like security officers, badging operators, and administrators
  • Manage login and password renewals with finite control

Web-Based Client

System Galaxy offers a fully integrated web-based credentialing solution with the capability to perform card enrollment, photo capture, and ID badge printing. The web operator can also create and assign time schedules and access privileges.

Personnel Management

Galaxy extends the credential capabilities to the web-client. Users can search, enroll, and maintain cardholders as well as set access privileges.

Photo Capture & Badging

Easily capture photos, create badge designs and print ID badges.

 Photo Dossier

The web-client offers a configurable dossier. Administrators can pull the latest card-holder data along with the photos and demographic information in a consolidated form for viewing and printing.

Door Properties

Web operators can pulse doors and override door lock- and unlock-schedules.


View and print Reader Activity reports and Personnel Directory reports with photos.