Honeywell is a household name of high quality, state of the art electronics. Honeywell offers complete access control solutions, including credentials and readers, all designed specifically to work together seamlessly.

All Honeywell solutions can be used for clients of any size—from individual homes and small businesses to military and critical infrastructure facilities, and all operations in between.

Top Honeywell Products & Product Lines

Honeywell Access Control Solutions

Honeywell offers state-of-the-art access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring full-featured security solutions to any size facility.

WIN-PAK® – Integrated Security Software

WIN-PAK 4.5 is a cost-effective solution that allows organizations to integrate and manage access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection all from one interface. WIN-PAK 4.5 features an intuitive browser-based interface that allows users to perform everyday access control actions from virtually anywhere.

Other key features:

  • Status at a glance: operators can know immediately how many doors are secured vs. unlocked or off-line and can lock or unlock all doors from a single button in the case of an emergency, then restore them to their schedule with another single click. Live events, the last time a person or card number was used, and important notices can also all be gleaned from an easy-to-read dash.
  • Real-time control: users can add or remove cardholders from a system instantly, and all actions are shown in real-time, eliminating the need to refresh to see updates.
  • Access to system and history reports: operators can use the report generator in the browser to run a report on an event or view the entire database history. Cardholder reports, door activity, card audits, access levels, and time schedules can all be viewed through the reporting feature.
  • One integrated interface: the single interface allows for the coordination of intrusion, access, or fire events with video actions to maximize awareness. Visual video verification is also used to confirm cardholders through pop-up stored images.
  • Scalability: WIN-PAK allows for an unrestricted number of cardholders, system users, sites, and access points, and accommodates up to 40 recorders and 2,560 cameras, making it easy to scale as a business grows.

 NetAXS-4 – Hybrid Access Control Panel

The web-based NetAXS-4 enables users to securely manage their system anywhere they can access an internet connection. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to install, operate, and maintain. The browser-based interface significantly decreases onboarding and training times, and it easily adapts to existing IT infrastructure and methods. And without dedicated software, users can simply log on from anywhere to securely control access.

NetAXS-4 provides all the benefits of traditional access control, including door security, employee access management, and remote access to site management. Reports can also be generated easily for compliance requirements.

Other key features:

  • Ease of use: end-user training can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and all tools, from basic settings to adding/deleting cards, are located on one page.
  • Dynamic screen updates: no user interaction is required to push status updates from NetAXS-4 to web screens—alarms, events, inputs, outputs, and status screens all automatically update. Data transfers between the controller and web browsers are optimized to reduce bandwidth and improve the screen response times.
  • Door access: cardholders can be assigned different access levels, while dynamic supervisor access can be configured for single and double card swipes. Escort access can be assigned, requiring a supervisor escort for non-supervisor cardholders.
  • Flexible and secure system: NetAXS-4 is compatible with WIN-PAK®XE, WIN-PAK SE, WIN-PAK PE, and WIN-PAK PRO CS (managed access) software. It also features up to 256-bit AES encryption between NetAXS panel and WIN-PAK host.

WIN-PAK® CS – Managed Access Control Solution

The WIN-PAK CS access control product provides a cost-effective and easy-to-manage departure from traditional access control systems. This solution removes the hassle of installing software, managing operating systems, computer compatibility problems and dealing with virus protection. Instead, ownership is reduced to a manageable service fee, resulting in a higher closing rate and more recurring revenue.

For customers looking for local control over their system, WIN-PAK CS offers a web-enabled interface to their account. Customers can access live information using any standard web browser interface. Capabilities include:

  • Door status summary view
  • Card/cardholder location access
  • Managing doors (lock, unlock, schedule changes)
  • Managing cards and cardholders, including schedules and holidays
  • Report templates
  • Reporting schedules
  • Printing ID cards and attaching photos to cardholders

Advanced operator actions are also available, including:

  • Access control alarm and event monitoring: monitor alarms and events in real-time, assign special response messages per account/alarm/event, lock and unlock doors, and access live floor plan views
  • Remote digital video monitoring: record and playback events; export and email video clips; camera control including pan, tilt, and zoom; prevent unauthorized access with video verification
  • Intrusion integration: arm and disarm control based on card read or point, a remote virtual keypad, and video footage tied to events