Other Services

Streamline Telecom is proud to provide the other services listed below to our clients in New York City and the surrounding areas.  These services complement our network and structured cabling services.

Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking allows privacy of phone calls or conversations in an open office environment.  It reduces distracting noises and allows employees to be more productive.

The system works by actually introducing a constant low-level background noise that is not readily noticeable, but serves to mask disruptive sounds.

It can be counter-intuitive that distracting noise can be masked by introducing a sound, so it may help to use an analogy related to light.  If someone is blinking a flashlight in a dark room, many people would consider that very distracting.  However, if the lights in the room are turned on, the blinking light would hardly be noticeable.  This is the way that sound masking systems reduce distracting noise.

Cell Boosters

Installation of cellular booster systems will improve cellular service within a building or office.   Given how much we depend on mobile devices in today’s world, having good cell service throughout your building is important for employees and customers alike.  Streamline Telecom uses equipment from   Wilson Electronics in the cellular booster systems we install.

Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems can be used to enhance security by allowing you to see who is attempting to access your building.  They can be used together with a card access system or other type of access control system. 

Paging Speaker Systems

Paging speaker systems, like those used in airports, grocery stores, and other public buildings, allow quick communication with everyone in a building.  They can be useful in emergency situations, but also in routine situations where communication via other means is not practical.