Best Places to Install Security Cameras in a Business

security camerasSecurity cameras are an important part of a business’s security plan. They’re known to deter theft by employees as well as customers, curb time-wasting behaviors, and can help identify suspects in the case of burglary. However, the placement of these cameras is key. If you have the camera pointed at the wrong place, why have the camera at all? Here are some of the best places to install security cameras for your business.

Exits and Entrances

Prominently featuring security cameras at the building’s entrances and exits will not just allow you to track who’s inside your building and how long they stay. The cameras can get a good look at anyone coming in and out and could act as a deterrent to anyone considering committing a crime. If you want to get a clear picture of a person’s face, it’s wise to place the camera near an item that will catch the eye, such as a TV monitor or prominent sign. When they turn to see the object, the camera will capture a full picture.

Points of Sale

Wherever there are cash registers, there should be cameras, of course. This will not only discourage customers from stealing but also employees. When you mount cameras at these spots, be sure that they’re pointed at the place where the customer would stand, and that the camera’s no more than seven feet high. If the camera is placed higher, you’ll get nothing more than an excellent view of the top of the customer’s head, which isn’t terribly helpful in identifying suspects.


In most businesses, the reception area is highly trafficked, so it should be covered by a security camera. You can do it subtly, if that’s your preference, as modern technology makes cameras so small they can easily be blended into your décor.

A security camera could be hidden in frames, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, clocks, or anywhere else. However, keep in mind that there could be potential legal issues related to concealed cameras, so it might be wise to consult your state’s laws prior to utilizing such a camera.


Of course, the average business’s assets aren’t kept outside of the building, but in many cases, crime starts outside. Not only would external security cameras protect the cars in the parking lot, but they would also keep tabs on employees when receiving shipments at loading docks. The cameras could record license plate numbers, assist law enforcement in the recovery of stolen goods, and provide employees who are burning the midnight oil with a sense of security as they enter the darkened parking lot.


Your warehouse is home to a great deal of valuable inventory and it can be a hotspot for theft, internal and external. How can you protect it? A security camera can be your eyes and ears when you’re not available to be on site. Mount them inside and outside to stop crime in its tracks. To get the best possible recording, keep your warehouse brightly lit at all times. If you can’t see the culprits, the camera’s presence is in vain.

Secluded Spots

While it might seem strange to put security cameras in places that are rarely visited, these spots are the places where crime is planned. One of the primary places that criminals use to put stolen goods is the dumpster— the employee will throw away the merchandise, and retrieve it later, or send an accomplice to retrieve it. This kind of activity will be curtailed if security cameras are present.

Installing security cameras will keep your business and your employees safe from harm. If you need assistance determining which cameras would best suit your needs, or if you need help installing them, contact us today for more information.