Whitestone NY Structured Cabling Contractor

Whitestone NYWhitestone is known for its blend of rich history and modern amenities. Streamline Telecom is an essential part of bringing data and security infrastructure to Whitestone businesses. Our talented technicians have the skills and experience to keep the neighborhood humming with modern technology – in harmony with the authentic and historic Whitestone setting.

About Whitestone NY

A sleepy suburb nestled next to the East River, Whitestone is an affluent neighborhood in northern Queens, New York.

It has a low crime rate, strong housing market and a friendly, almost small-town vibe inside the big city. With about 40,600 mostly wealthy residents and median home value close to $816,000, it’s an idyllic neighborhood that includes Malba – dubbed “one of a few elite enclaves in Queens” by The New York Times.

Whitestone, named by Dutch settlers for the white gleaming of river limestone, is the historic property of Francis Lewis, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. After his estate burned during the Revolutionary War, it gradually became the site of mansions and economic development.

Long-time mom-and-pop shops – like those in Whitestone Village along 150th Street and 14th Avenue – offer local products and a family-first feel. Whitestone has four public elementary schools, two public junior high schools, and is a short commute away from some of the best New York private schools. Businesses include an eclectic mix of homegrown shops, upscale stores, offices and community organizations.

Streamline Telecom is a top telecommunications contractor providing the infrastructure behind the diverse data and security needs of this bustling burb.

Network Cable Installation in Whitestone

Streamline Telecom is one of New York City’s most trusted structured cabling contractors – for good reason. Our work meets or exceeds industry BICSI standards for structured network cabling and our installations are monitored by BICSI RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designers).

All equipment we use is from the world’s most respected manufacturers and our technicians are second-to-none in terms of training and maintenance. In Whitestone and beyond, we offer a top-notch data cabling package that includes design, installation and maintenance of voice and data communications. The proof is in our testimonials from happy customers at offices, data centers, schools, hospitals, and more.

Whitestone Access Control Systems

In an area like Whitestone, where commerce blends with residential living, it’s important to control access to certain buildings and entrances. Offices, shops and schools need to monitor access points as a part of safety and security.

Streamline Telecom’s access control systems offer card reader access that allows custom programming, including time-of-day restriction and entrance logging. Need to see exactly who’s entering and exiting? Add a video system for a visual record of who came through and which card they presented.

Streamline Telecom installs these systems for a wide variety of public and private organizations across New York City.

Whitestone Security Camera Installation

You shouldn’t have to worry about crime in Whitestone. But every business battles vandalism, theft, fraud, burglary, and other criminal acts. From small, four-camera setups to large office systems with hundreds of cameras, Streamline Telecom helps you monitor and deter crime.

Having this unbiased footage assists with insurance claims, reduces your liability and helps law enforcement maintain safety in your area. We work with top video equipment providers like Bosch, Axis, Pelco, Arecont, Everfocus and Digital Watchdog to install a system in your business that offers reliability for many years to come.

Crime can happen at any time. Don’t wait to set up a security camera system that protects your business–contact us today about our security camera installation service.

VOIP Telephone Systems for Whitestone

Is it time to upgrade from an old, analog phone system to a more modern and dependable option? Our technicians can set you up with a VOIP phone system. Whitestone businesses are finding that it’s not only less expensive, it’s also extremely reliable and provides new phone system options.

Don’t worry – your office likely doesn’t need new, special cabling for this option. Most offices are already LAN wired and ready for an IP upgrade. Plus, IP phones always keep the same number no matter where they are located.

Your employees can always keep the same number if they have to move, making your business more mobile than ever. To maximize your mobility, ask about setting up a cloud-based phone system using 8X8, a leading global communications provider.

Audio/Visual Installation for Whitestone

Not sure if your business needs audio/visual solutions? Consider whether you could do more business faster with a/v solutions like wired conference rooms, microphone systems, and video conferencing. Streamline Telecom handles everything from basic TVs and speakers to custom digital signage and public address systems.

A quick consultation can reveal opportunities for a/v solutions that save money and take your business to a new level. And there’s no need to worry that working with us will be a time consuming process. Most work can be done in a matter of hours or days – but we provide long-term support if you ever need us.

Video Conferencing Services for Whitestone

Streamline Telecom is one of New York City’s top providers of video conferencing services. We use cutting-edge equipment from trusted manufacturers like Bose, Samsung, JBL, TOA and Crestron – and our technicians are highly trained in all facets of installation and maintenance.

Video conferencing uses internet or telephone technology to create digital meeting spaces for your employees. When it’s done right, your meetings across the country and across the globe feel like they’re taking place right in your Whitestone office.

Our clients find that video conferencing offers benefits like saving travel costs, better communication with clients, more productive employees and faster decision-making. If you currently spend significant resources on travel and meetings, ask us how video conferencing could be the perfect solution.

Your business deserves the best data cabling – and Streamline Telecom has a proven track record as the highest-quality cabling contractor in Whitestone and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about data a security options that can benefit your business.