Bosch LogoThe Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of high quality, world-class technology products and services. Bosch offers flexible, integrated systems for small to medium-sized facilities with high-security requirements.

Their expertise in sensor technology, software, and services, as well as its own IoT cloud, enables Bosch to offer its customers connected, cross-domain solutions from a single source. The company’s strategic objective is to deliver innovations for a connected life. Bosch improves quality of life worldwide with its innovative products and services.

Top Bosch Products & Product Lines

Bosch Access Control Systems

Bosch offers two access control solutions. Each system is future-proof with built-in scalability by expansions and both offer the possibility of integrating other solutions. Once a software is selected, reader technology, credentials, and the number of controls are all established before installation.

Access Professional Edition (APE)

  • Large projects may start with APE, then move to ACE later on (hardware remains the same)
  • Offers effective security through many security checkpoints, including badge enrollment, entrance control, and alarm management with video verification

BIS Access Engine (ACE)

  • Ideal choice for larger, more complex projects
  • Access entry integrates visitor, car park, video, or key and asset management solutions
  • If workstation fails, an additional security layer allows controllers to continue to communicate with each other and share necessary information from the readers

Access Professional Edition 3.5

  • Allows for administration of up to 10,000 card holders and 512 readers
  • Global Anti-Passback Feature
    • Prevents unauthorized sharing of credentials
    • System checks who enters an area or room and only allows re-entry if it shows the cardholder had previously checked out of the area
    • Works with all readers, even across multiple controllers in the access control system
    • Allows for more flexibility when planning a system
  • Enhanced SDK Functionality
    • Allows APE to exchange information regarding cardholder data door control and door status with other security systems, such as video management, allowing for additional checks, and increased security
    • When a badge is scanned, a photo and data about the cardholder are saved in the APE access control system and shared with the video management system. The VMS then checks the video footage against the intelligent video analytics sent through from the badge scan before opening the door to ensure the person scanning the badge is identical to the cardholder information.

Bosch Integrated Security Solutions

Intrusion Panel with Access Control Reader

  • Scans employee badge
  • Can also be set up with dual authentication, such as scanning badge or fingerprint, while also typing in a code to arm or disarm system

IP Video Camera

  • Takes snapshot, sends to workstation
  • Camera with analytics can create virtual barrier around protected area. Interference in a protected area will trigger pre-recorded messages to alert intruder they are in a restricted space. Security then receives a page notifying them of the intrusion.

Video Management Operator Workstation

  • Workstations feature a logical device tree with real-time status of devices, alarm monitoring, and camera call-ups
  • An optional maps feature allows security to pull up icons for intrusion panels and video cameras, so a security personnel can arm and disarm systems from the map, while also following along with what is happening through the video footage
  • Scalable with any application

Automated Announcements and Alerts

  • Integrate with intrusion products
  • Play pre-recorded announcements or override with live pages
  • Trigger announcements through loudspeakers and two-way radios based on fire or security events
  • Use a single audio system for security announcements and high-quality music
  • Scalable for as few as one to two zones, or up to large centralized or decentralized multi-site/multi-campus applications

**IP cameras and control panels are compatible with a wide range of security solutions from industry partners, such as Genetec, ISS, OnSSI, and exacq.

Bosch Security Cameras

Bosch’s collection of security cameras are built to deliver the highest quality of relevant images, the most efficient bitrates with the lowest storage requirements and network strain, all while keeping video data secure.

Autodome IP

  • Ability to locate a (moving) person fast and accurately, even at a great distance
  • Enable users to manually or automatically keep track of persons of interest as they move, even at speed
  • Deliver level of zoom needed to identify objects or persons of interest over large distances


  • Extremely rugged moving cameras, built to perform in all environments
  • Solid metal bodies of MIC IP starlight 7000i and MIC IP fusion 9000i can withstand high winds, rain, fog, dust, 100 percent humidity, temperatures from -40°C to +65°C, extreme vibrations (IEC60068) and high impacts (IK10)
  • Provide unprecedented protection against corrosion
  • Built-in starlight technology ensures highly detailed color images in extreme low-light situations

DINION IP Thermal 8000

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Designed for outdoor use (corrosion resistant, meeting the EN 50130-5 salt mist test, withstanding up to 1000 hours of salt/mist under test conditions)
  • Ensures early detection over distances up to 610 meters, thanks to the combination of thermal imaging and Intelligent Video Analytics

DIVAR Network 2000 (16 channels), 3000 and 5000 (hybrid solutions, 32 channels)

  • Ideal for small and medium businesses who have gone digital
  • Cost-effective solution to invest in a future-proof IP video surveillance system that scales as a business grows
  • Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch connects IP cameras to network video surveillance recorders with no separate power adaptors
  • PoE switch can supply power to maximum of 16 connected cameras
  • The DIVAR hybrid 3000 and 5000 models are cost-effective recording devices for businesses with an existing analog video surveillance solution that they would like to upgrade to IP one step at a time.

IP 4000i, 5000i, 6000

  • Comprehensive portfolio to meet many different needs including fixed dome (Flexidome), bullet (Dinion), and box (Dinion) cameras
  • Resolutions up to 5 megapixels
  • Low-light capabilities with starlight technology
  • Smart combinations provide solutions for retail, industrial, indoor, outdoor, day, night, discrete, or visible video security
  • Built-in video analytics