VOIP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems IP phone systems, also known as VoIP phone systems, are systems that use the internet to make calls rather than the telephone network of your local service provider.  This not only reduces costs, it also gives you many more options when it comes to your phone service:

  • IP phones always keep the same number, no matter where the phone is plugged in.  So, if your office moves, you won’t need to change your phone numbers.
  • IP phone systems are not limited to a certain number of phone ports, so the system can easily grow with your company.
  • VoIP systems allow you to conduct virtual meetings via video conferencing and even share documents.
  • Optional cloud based platforms reduces costs for IT-support for software upgrades

These are just a few of the many benefits of using a VoIP phone system vs a traditional system (known as an analog system).  Streamline Telecom can help you set up a new VoIP phone system, or help you transition from an analog system.

We can also set up cloud-based phone systems that allow you to take your office phone number with you on any device, and use video calls and instant messaging services with coworkers.  One vendor we use for our cloud-based phone systems is 8×8, a leading provider of global cloud-based communications.

Here a few questions we frequently get asked about IP phone systems:

Is it possible to use my fax machine with a  VOIP phone system?

Yes, you can. Even though analog fax machines use a different language than modern VOIP phone systems, there are a few methods for making them work together, although we won’t bore you with the details.

What is a PBX phone system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which means a private telephone network used within a company or organization.  A PBX system can be set up using traditional analog technology, but it can also be set up using VoIP technology.  It can be set up as either a hosted or virtual solution, and with modern technology it is much more flexible than proprietary systems.

Do VOIP phone systems require installation of special cabling?

No, as long as your office is wired for LAN internet access, no additional cabling is required.

Will I need to replace all my phones when switching to a VOIP system?

Yes, an IP phone system requires either IP phones or “softphones”.  Manufacturers of VOIP phones include Polycom, Snom, Gigaset, Tiptel, Yealink, 8×8, and Alcatel.  A softphone is a piece of software that allows a computer to act like a telephone.  Users dial using the keypad and use a microphone and headset plugged into the computer.