Four Flaws in Access Control Systems

access control systemsSecurity is foremost on the minds of many, and there are many new products that are meant to make your facility safer than ever through smart technology. Streamline Telecom offers a wide variety of products created specifically to help you lock down your home or business. However, even the most advanced security system can be circumvented with a not-so-cutting-edge methodology. Let’s explore some of the flaws in access control systems and how to avoid them.

Flaw #1— Door Propping or Levering

Say, for example, that a delivery driver is dropping off a shipment of supplies. He’s going to be making multiple trips with his hands full, so he props the door open to avoid having to dig out his key card or enter the code time after time. While he steps into his truck to grab some more boxes, an intruder slips in the door.  Additionally, doors can be easily levered open with a tool as simple as a screwdriver. A determined criminal could easily gain access into your building without bringing attention to himself. One way that technology could assist with this issue is to invest in an access control system that could detect open doors and notify security personnel, who would then investigate and shut the door or deter the criminal.

Flaw #2— Tailgating

An employee comes back to the office after lunch, and they open the side entrance door. As they walk through, someone approaches behind them. Their natural courtesy kicks in, and they hold the door for this person and the person enters the building without entering a key code or swiping a card. Unwittingly, the employee has allowed an unauthorized person to enter the building, exposing everyone within to risk. How can this behavior be curbed? Training is key. Conduct an intensive training session for every credentialed employee, ensuring that they understand the importance of security. Another option is to introduce a technique to restrict entry into the building to one person at a time, such as a turnstile or mantrap. Should more than one person attempt to enter, an alarm will sound, bringing security to investigate.

Flaw #3— Lost or Stolen Keys and Access Cards

Unfortunately, lost or stolen keys are unavoidable; humans make mistakes, and crimes happen. Sometimes, people loan their keys or access cards to friends and fail to get them back, or the keys are simply misplaced or stolen, never to be found again. When people are accustomed to tailgating to get in, they might not notice that they’re missing their key or card for days. However, it’s vital that you’re alerted as soon as the resident or employee realizes that the key or card is missing. If your access control system has the capability to electronically track keys or cards, this could be a tremendous money-saving option. Otherwise, you’d need to pay to have locks on a number of doors re-cored, which can really add up over time. With access cards, if you make them double as photo identification, it’s less likely that they would be loaned out, and employees would potentially remember to bring them more frequently.

Flaw #4— Hacking

When your system becomes more high-tech, it becomes exposed to the risk of hacking. Some organizations might think that simply because they remotely control their location via phone or computer, their data is protected; unfortunately, this is not the case. A determined thief could install malware into the device, getting instant access to a location without needing to make any direct contact. How can you protect your access control system? Encryption is a must. It will help to ensure that any user has the appropriate authentication and verification, and it will help to limit the inappropriate access to a location.

When your business or residence is subjected to unauthorized access, it can result in serious danger. The best way to combat this is to carefully consider which access control system will best reduce your risk. Streamline Telecom can help you choose the system that would be most suitable for your particular needs; contact us today to learn more!