Westchester County Network Cabling Contractor

Streamline Telecom is honored to provide businesses in Westchester County with the highest quality structured data cabling services. Our team brings unmatched service to some of the most recognizable companies and locations in New York City, including Queens hospital, Yahoo, DAZN, Touro College, One World Trade Center, Newark Airport, Elmhurst Hospital, and many others.

Free access to data and connectivity is the lifeblood of the economy. Streamline Telecom installs and maintains the best Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables for unmatched, reliable connectivity.

We are one of the few BISCI Registered Communications Distribution Designers in the area, and we maintain the highest level of industry certification. We also maintain all the required certifications from New York State to work on security systems.

We strive to provide the highest quality service for every client and on every project. Our customers appreciate our top-notch, professional service we guarantee for every job. Whether you are a small business, hospital, educational institution, government entity, or any other business, Streamline Telecom can meet all your communication and security needs.

Westchester County Network Cable Installation

Streamline Telecom provides unmatched network cable installation. Our experts can do everything from design and installation to ongoing maintenance and servicing. A Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) supervises every job, and the BICSI certifies all our RCDDs.

Every Registered Communications Distribution Designer must meet very stringent requirements to maintain their certification, including:

  • Complete a minimum of five years of experience
  • Maintain knowledge of all current safety procedures and practices, including electrical earthing, hazardous environments, and personal protective equipment.
  • Must pass an exam covering the fundamentals of telecommunication distribution design.
  • RCDDs must renew their credentials every three years, which requires at least 45 hours of continuing education and attending at least one BICSI conference.

With this level of certification and oversight, you’ll have peace of mind that every detail will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Security Camera Installation Services for Westchester County

Streamline Telecom installs and services a variety of security camera systems. Whether you are a small business that needs a few cameras around your facility or a large campus that requires dozens of cameras, our qualified technicians will recommend the best cameras to meet your specific needs.

Security cameras are often integrated with access control systems. As you consider your security needs, choose a contractor that is licensed and able to service both systems. Streamline Telecom can design, install, and service both systems, giving us capabilities that many contractors cannot offer.

We offer many types of security cameras to our customers, including pan/tilt/zoom cameras (also called PTZ cameras), bullet-type cameras, box cameras, thermal cameras, or any other type of surveillance equipment. We ensure all our staff are trained on all the latest security camera technology.

We work with many security camera manufacturers, including:

  • Pelco
  • Bosch
  • Axis
  • Acti
  • Everfocus
  • Digital Watchdog
  • Arecont Vision

Security cameras are often linked to access control systems, which must be serviced by contractors with the proper license from New York State. Streamline Telecom has the right certification to design, install, and maintain security systems in New York.

Access Control Systems for Westchester County

Streamline Telecom designs and installs access control systems (sometimes called card access systems) in schools, office buildings, government facilities, hotels, small businesses, and other buildings all over the state. We are familiar with all the latest equipment and technology from leading manufacturers, including Bosch, Galaxy, S2, Honeywell, and others.

New York requires contractors to maintain a certificate and license to work on access control systems. Streamline Telecom has all the necessary licenses to work on any type of card access system in the state.

Video Conferencing Systems for Westchester County

The world is more connected than ever before. Businesses must be able to connect with other companies around the country and the world. A video conferencing system will keep you connected and can save you thousands of dollars in travel expenses!

Video conferencing systems also allow employees to work remotely without disrupting productivity. As companies are trying to attract top-notch candidates, offering remote working options makes your business more competitive and can improve job satisfaction.

Streamline Telecom proudly partners with Polycom to offer Westchester companies the best IP-based video conferencing systems available. Polycom provides enterprise-grade video, voice, and collaboration equipment, which includes the RealPresence Group Series suitable for larger companies, and the RealPresence Group Convene, designed to meet all small business video conferencing needs.

Westchester County IP Telephone Systems

VolP phone systems are also known as IP systems. These phones use the internet instead of the traditional telephone network to make phone calls, which give these phones incredible technological flexibility and capabilities. Streamline Telecom offer Westchester County businesses the best IP phone systems on the market.

All types of businesses can benefit from IP phone systems. Here are some of the advantages of choosing IP phone systems instead of standard phones:

  • Grow your phone system as your business transforms.
  • Keep your business phone numbers, no matter where your office moves.
  • Enjoy video conferencing and document sharing to make meetings more convenient.
  • Cloud-based platforms keep your support costs low.

Streamline Telecom primarily uses 8×8, a leading company in cloud-based phone systems. Our expert technicians can help your company move from analog to IP telephone systems, or we can upgrade your current VolP system.

Other Services Streamline Telecom Offers Westchester County

Streamline Telecom is proud to offer a wide range of services to businesses throughout Westchester County. Additional communication and technology services we offer include:

  • Cell Boosters to ensure you have a strong cell signal in every corner of your building.
  • Video Intercom Systems to enhance your security systems and allow you to see everyone entering your facility.
  • Sound Masking Systems to reduce noise distractions and increase productivity.
  • Paging Speaker Systems allow you to communicate easily with everyone in your building.

Contact Streamline Telecom today to learn more about any of our services and schedule a consultation. Our team of experts will help you choose the best solution for all your business communication and security needs.