Three Ways Cloud-Based Phone Systems Can Make Your Business More Professional

cloud based phone systemsAny small business knows it’s true – competition in the marketplace can be fierce. While it may drive you crazy sometimes and take you out of your comfort zone, it helps you stay sharp and forces you to seek out new technologies for better products and services.

One of those new technologies that could augment your business is a cloud based phone system. As a small business owner, installing such a communication system can enhance your professional image to customers. Its myriad of features and flexibilities can enable a business with only a few employees to operate like the big guys and seem larger and more professional to clients.

After all, when it comes to defining professionalism…It’s NOT the job you do; It’s HOW you do the job!

Cloud based phone systems, also called VoIP, uses the internet to make phone calls. Subscribers connect to it for a monthly fee. Cost-savings on local and long distance calls can be up to 90% and hosted platforms don’t require you to purchase expensive hardware that needs maintenance and installation.

Streamline Telecom can help you set up a new VoIP phone system, or help you transition from an analog system. The company we partner with to provide this service is 8X8, one of the most trusted cloud-based communications companies in the world. Their service is used by more than 47,000 businesses in over 40 countries across six continents.

A Cloud-based system from 8X8 offers many features. We’ve highlighted three of these below:

Ring Groups

Rings groups smoothly distribute incoming calls within various departments. You can have all phones in a group ring at once, or set up a “round robin” approach where the extensions in the group ring in a specific order until the call is answered. Nine ring groups are included with your Virtual Office account, but more can be added.

For example, if you are a small business with four employees, you can set up your ring group so all their phones ring at the same time. That way, whoever pick up first takes the call. Or, you can set it up to ring them in a certain order so they each get a turn answering incoming calls.

No more worrying about incoming calls being dropped by customers frustrated that their call was not answered right away. Ring groups can have any number assigned to it, such as a toll-free number. Calls can even be answered by Auto-Attendant or another extension.

Three ring patterns are available. Cyclic (rollover) allows for equal distribution of calls. Cyclic Repetitive allows for distribution among extensions based on a pre-set pattern. Simultaneous Ring ensures all extensions will ring on an incoming call, with the first person available answering the call.

Auto Attendant

Perfect for a small business that wants to appear larger, Auto Attendant answers the phone automatically for you. Instead of a receptionist, customers hear a message identifying your company and prompting them to select the department they desire by pressing or saying a number associated with that department.

Calls are routed quickly and efficiently to the right department. If your business has limited hours of operation, you can program Auto Attendant with different menus for business hours versus after-hours. You can record your own greetings, or use 8X8’s selection of professionally recorded greetings to enhance your image. Customers will be impressed by the professionalism of Auto Attendant.

Extension Dialing

Who doesn’t appreciate the ability to bypass a company’s VRU by directly dialing someone? Big companies offer this service, so why shouldn’t smaller ones? With 8X8 cloud-based service, this feature is available through our 4-digit model. It’s also available in 3-digit or 5-digit extension dialing.

Whether your business has 5 employees or 100, they all get their own direct phone number. Internal calling between employees only requires dialing those few digits. Transfers can be made quickly and you have the ability to tell the person at that extension about the call before completing the transfer.

If you have employees working in different locations, that’s no problem! Transfers are quick and seamless since they are only an extension away. Customers won’t even realize they are talking to someone at another location.

If all this sounds great, give us a call. Learn how YOUR business can add a touch of professionalism through installing an IP phone in New York.